Private Traditional Culture Experiences & Events in Japan

Welcome to My Taiken

Taiken is a Japanese word meaning “experience”.

Japan offers a wealth of unique, refined cultural experiences.

Much of that culture has survived to the present through a long history of social and artistic evolution. The more you learn about them, the more fascinating they become.

Through the My Taiken site, you can arrange to experience the richness of Japanese culture during your visit to Japan, guided by our team and masters. With a wide range of arts available, My Taiken provides access to the breadth of Japan’s cultural diversity and traditions.

Go beyond simply witnessing its beauty by taking part in the experience yourself, touching the essence of this wonderful culture to better understand it.

Private Experiences

Explore a curated selection of performing arts experiences from our extensive catalogue, spanning back to the captivating Muromachi period in Japan—a time marked by intriguing cultural exchanges and vibrant arts development. Tailor your experience by choosing from our existing offerings, request a unique combination of arts, or let us know your preference for a specific art form. Your journey into Japan’s rich cultural heritage begins with your personalized choice!


Whether you have a special occasion to celebrate, are planning an incentive, or organizing an important business-related event, connect with us today. Explore a myriad of live performances, unique experiences, and exclusive venues that promise to enchant your guests with Japanese spirituality, guided by high-level masters and set within relaxing atmospheres. Let us transform your event into an unforgettable journey of cultural richness and sophistication.

Unique Japanese cultural

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