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Taiken is a Japanese word meaning “experience”.
Japan offers a wealth of unique, refined cultural experiences. Much of that culture has survived to the present through a long history of social and artistic evolution. The more you learn about them, the more fascinating they become.
Through the My Taiken site, you can arrange to experience the richness of Japanese culture during your visit to Japan, guided by certified local instructors. With a wide range of arts available, My Taiken provides access to the breadth of Japan’s cultural diversity and traditions. Go beyond simply witnessing its beauty by taking part in the experience yourself, touching the essence of this wonderful culture to better understand it.
If you represent a company, you can also invite your partners or clients to have a unique experience of the Japanese culture when they visit Japan.

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  • Welcome to Japan!
    The Japanese culture has been developing since ancient times, by absorbing culture from various countries. Of course, these include our neighbors China, India, and Indonesia, but also Turkey and Italy, coming to Japan by sea or along the Silk Road. These countries are still part of the tradition of the Noh theatre today. Part of the experience, as you observe the Noh masks and Noh clothes, is that you are likely to have a kind of déjà vu feeling. Please enjoy the Noh play, which has achieved growth over 650 years, uniting art characteristics from around the world with Japanese spirituality.

    Kazufusa Hosho, 20th Grand Master of the Hosho Noh Family
  • My Taiken is a project created in order to help visitors to Japan discover the wonderful and diverse Japanese traditional culture. The language and various cultural differences can act as barriers preventing foreign visitors to fully apprehend Japanese culture. My Taiken facilitates such discoveries in private and in a relaxing atmosphere. Please enjoy your experience with us!

    Sebastien Moncus, founder of My Taiken