The experiences primarily take place in Central Tokyo across various venues, providing you with convenient locations to immerse yourself in Japanese culture during your visit to Japan.

Multiple digital services, such as Stripe or Wise, can be utilized, along with local and international bank transfers.

While you can cancel a reservation, once the event/experience is confirmed and paid, reimbursement or rescheduling is not possible.

Reach out to us with a message detailing your preferences, and we’ll provide you with relevant options to tailor your experience.

Our masters are highly skilled professionals recognized both in Japan and globally. We collaborate closely with them to ensure the delivery of the finest possible experiences.

Some of our teachers are proficient in English, with some having overseas experience. For those who may need assistance with English or French, including our founder who attends every event, we provide support. They are eager to share their daily lives during an experience, allowing you to explore and deepen your understanding of traditional Japanese culture.