The experiences are held in Central Tokyo right now, allowing you to experience the Japanese Culture in convenient places when you visit Japan.

You can pay directly on the “My account” page with your credit card once the reservation is confirmed. You can check the available cards on the Terms of use page, and ask for payment in Yen, Euros or US Dollars

You can check our cancellation policy on the Terms of use page. Once confirmed and paid, the reservation cannot be reimbursed or re-scheduled.

Please drop us a message for us to understand what you would like to experience. My Taiken’s approach is to offer unique experiences to a limited number of people at the same time.

The masters are high level professionals recognized in Japan and globally. We work closely with them to offer the best experiences possible

You can follow the instructions displayed on your account for your scheduled experience after payment confirmation, including the main contact person information. If you still have problems, please contact us at with your booking reference number.

The teachers are fluent in English, have experience abroad for some of them or are helped by English/French speakers. They would love to share their daily lives during an experience for you to discover and deepen your knowledge about the traditional Japanese Culture.