Noh Theatre

Witness the beauty of one of the oldest surviving forms of theatre in the World

With a 600-year history, noh is a symbolic form of theater adapted from Japanese traditional literature. Originally performed for the shogun (the military ruling class) and nobility, it has over the centuries become a more popularized form of entertainment.

Noh is a striking blend of traditional carved masks (omote), elaborate brocade costumes, and instruments, in which the main actors (shité), secondary actors (waki), musicians and chorus are perfectly synchronized. A key feature is the main actor, who wears an iconic mask representing his character, and who through symbolic and highly stylized movements expresses an elegant beauty and a deep feeling of humanity.

The noh theater, or Nogaku-do, is an austere yet dignified space, with a stage designed around specific historical elements that heighten the experience of the traditional performance.

As one of the oldest surviving forms of theater in the world today, noh has been designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, recognized as a classical form of Japanese dance and musical theater.

The Experience

Step into the exclusive world of a traditional privately-owned Noh theatre for a truly unforgettable experience. Explore the rich 600-year history of this mesmerizing musical drama and be captivated by its powerful atmosphere.

Our masters, dedicated to preserving the essence of Noh, travel worldwide to share their art.
The experience may include an introduction to the origin and meaning of Noh, hands-on activities, demonstrations, and other advanced and exclusive content tailored to your preferences.

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