Flower Arrangement

Arrange flowers to bring valuable life in harmony with nature

Flower arranging, or ikebana, has a history of more than 700 years in Japan.

The life of the Japanese people has long been intimately tied to nature, and this deep respect for nature is also alive in ikebana. Flowers, grasses and other natural elements thus serve as more than just objects with which to decorate a room; they are regarded as valuable forms of life that express the beauty and dignity of the natural world within a container.

Grounded in a strict discipline and philosophy, the main goal of ikebana is to bring humanity closer to nature through its own form of spirituality and meditative contemplation.

The materials used in preparing ikebana are also chosen for by season, offering a rich diversity of plants and colors, while the arrangement itself is shaped through specific codes and forms aimed at achieving a balanced and breathtaking result.
This art is a perfect symbol of nature.

The Experience

Dive into the meaning and symbolism of traditional Japanese flower arrangement with a qualified and experienced professional.

Our master, recognized abroad and awarded international prizes, actively participates in global events. The experience may encompass a lecture on the history and significance of Ikebana, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice. Immerse yourself in the master’s passion for flower arrangement and enjoy an unforgettable experience in a delightful atmosphere.

Your personalized experience will unfold in a surprising and relaxing private setting.

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